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Spring 2020 Capstone Project & Certification F.A.Q.

I'm Ready to Certify, Now What? Apply...

Students who have completed senior/ capstone project presentations may be candidates for academy certification. At the completion of their senior projects, students will submit the following:

  • a copy of their transcript (please print from Aeries)
  • a copy of the certification requirements AND the appropriate course of study (both available here)
  • a blank scoring rubric for the senior/ capstone project (available here)

What Is a Senior/ Capstone Project and How Does It Help Me Certify?

Santa Susana High School is proud to present important updates and clarification with respect to the Certification and Capstone Project process. Critically, students who are interested in Certification in any area of emphasis (commonly referred to as an SSHS "major") must review the certification requirements for that Course of Study before proposing a Capstone Project.


The Capstone Project is effectively the last step in a four-year process for special honors and recognition in one or more areas of Emphasis.


1. A Capstone Project consists of  (a) a digital portfolio, which includes information about you personally, the project you completed, why you chose that project, how you gained the knowledge and skills required for the project, and what you learned by completing the project. Additionally, you complete (b) a multimedia presentation to present to panelists which summarizes the key points of your portfolio. Finally, you make (c) a presentation of your work to panelists.


2. If you are certifying with "Recognition," your project may be based on any area of interest. If you intend to certify with "Honors" or "High Honors," your project must be directly associated with your area of certification. Please discuss possible topics with the head of your school (the "headmaster").


3. Students may earn 5 credits of ROP Applied Practice for the completion of their Capstone / Senior Project. Please contact or see Mrs. Martinet for more information.


ALL Certification and Capstone Project Information will be shared with Seniors during ACE. It is also available through the links to the left.

How Will My Senior/ Capstone Project Be Scored?

The SSHS Senior/ Capstone Project has three main components, all of which are assessed by the SSHS faculty and/or community members (adjudicators).


PROJECT. Every SSHS senior is invited to complete a senior project that demonstrates the core values of Santa Susana High School - that our students demonstrate: scholarship, skill, honor, and service. Below, you will find a rubric of how your senior/ capstone project will be adjudicated. The components of the rubric will include an assessment of your project, your multimedia presentation, and  your interaction with the panelists.

How Do I Know What My Certification Requirements Are?

It depends on your course of study. Click on the links below to find your requirements:


School of Letters and Sciences (Chairperson/ Dean: Mrs. Hazlewood)

School of Visual and Performing Arts (Chairperson/ Dean: Mrs. Abbe)

School of Digital Arts and Technology (Chairperson/ Dean: Mr. Abbe)


Deadline to submit application: May 1

Join Google Class

All submissions must be done through Google Classroom. The join code:



Proposal Application Deadline 



Mentor Check-In Due Dates

October 15

December 15

January 15

February 15


Presentation Dates

Presentation Day - Thursday, March 19, 2020 (portfolios due Thursday, February 27, 2020)


Submit Certification Application Date

May 1, 2020



Senior Project Faculty Adviser

Mrs. Martinet



Senior Project Supporting Administrator

Mr. Block



academy - a set of common pathways


adviser - a faculty member who guides a student through the technical process of certification such as completing paperwork, meeting deadlines, and approves project topic. This person is likely to be the teacher who is in charge of your academy. If not, it would be the Dean of your school or a staff member selected by your Dean.


certification - the result of certifying in a pathway- I earned a certification in Musical Theater.


to certify  - to complete a sequence of classes (a pathway) and a capstone project related to those classes (synonym - to major) - I plan to certify in Engineering.


mentor - an adult, either on campus or off, who is an expert in the area of your project. This person provides expertise and guidance


pathway - a sequence of classes that may lead to certification


school - three schools at Santa Susana High School used to organize all of our programs (Letters & Sciences; Digital Arts & Technology; Visual & Performing Arts). Each school has a Dean who oversees student certification.