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AP Biology

Honors Anatomy & Physiology

Honors Biology


Veronica Leonhardt


Medical Clinical Applications


Here is the link to the google slides presentation with contact information

Considering Pre-Medical Courses??

If you are planning on taking AP Biology and/or Honors Anatomy & Physiology, please see the FAQ document  and read thoroughly.  


Also see the Premedical Certification Requirements.  


I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Cell Molecular Biology in 2008 and my Teaching Credential from California State University at Northridge the following year.  I earned my Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction in 2017. I've spent my teaching career in Simi Unified and worked at Royal High School for 4 years prior to transferring to Santa Susana 6 years ago.  I felt at home here immediately and continue to get so much satisfaction from working with the SSHS family.  When I'm not teaching I enjoy painting, cooking, hiking, doing puzzles, spending time with friends and family, relaxing, going on vacation and trying to enjoy every day.  I believe that my students have just as much to teach me that I have to teach them and I enjoy getting to work with them and for them every day.  I truly believe that "students do not care how much you know unless they know how much you care".  If at any time, you have an questions or concerns, Please feel free to contact me (email works best)  

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

If you want to request a letter of recommendation from me for college applications, internships, or scholarships, I will be more than happy to fulfill that request.  I ask that you give me at least two weeks notice IN PERSON, prior to the due date of the letter and understand that I have many other priorities to attend to as my schedule is incredibly busy this year.  If I commit to writing the letter you will not have to remind me, but understand that I will most likely not submit it until the day before or the day of the due date. I also ask that if you request a hard copy of your letter on school letter head that you mention that at the time of your request. Please understand that I will NOT fulfill any request that is either not made in person or that is made less than two weeks prior to the due date. Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to assisting your application process.