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College Search

Where to start...

Build a balanced list: Using your GPA, test scores, and extra-curricular activities, 

*3-4 Safety schools (above the median range)

*3-4 Target schools (within the median range)

*3-4 Reach schools (below the median range)


Search "admissions profile" or "freshman profile" and the college you are interested in to populate the current range of data to compare to your own (i.e. "freshman profile University of Ohio")

Remember, the search process is about finding FIT.  It's not just about scores and GPA.  Reflect on what type of atmosphere you thrive in, the size (population, acreage) of the college, opportunities for growth, study abroad, and internship opportunities.  


Finalize your list of colleges and create a task manager system that will work for you (calendar, checklist, spreadsheet).  Create a professional email not linked to your school account so that you have access after you graduate-make sure to check spam/junk folders often so that you do not miss anything from the colleges-email will be their main form of communication for asking for missing information.


We encourage students to begin their search to build their college list within Naviance, our College & Career planning platform.  There are several ways in which students can search-they can begin by searching interests and careers that will then lead them to colleges with those interests/majors.  Another way is to build a list based on what their important features are, such as location, campus, clubs, size, etc. within College Supermatch.  There are other search platforms that may populate additional results (links below).